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Questions we discussed in previous episodes:

588: Zig on Focus, Planning & Prep

Zig Ziglar on the power of focus, planning, and preparation. I’ll tell you, I’m admittedly NOT a great planner and preparer, I just want to go from idea to selling it. And for focus, my wife, the brain researcher, says I’m classic ADHD, though I won’t let them test...

576: Influencing input and output for our kids

A message from Zig Ziglar on parenting. We are all here to get equipped for our lives of success, but how about our kids? How do we equip them in a world where it is tougher and tougher to counter the negative influences around us? How do we influence our kids for...

572: How to relate to others with value

Today we don’t just hear a message from Zig Ziglar, we get five-star training in relationship skills that empower us with the greatest asset a person can have. He is talking about sales and prospects. In our life, anyone we want to influence or connect to is, in...

570: Change your attitude or circumstance?

A clip from Zig Ziglar, longer than normal, over six minutes. But we just couldn’t cut it more because it’s golden. Zig talks to us about the power of our attitudes, and how the number one high octane fuel to support our positive attitude is – gratitude. From...

568: Does your faith really benefit your life?

Today we hear a heartfelt message from Zig Ziglar on faith. But it’s not a sermon. He is hitting on the reality of how faith impacts our literal lives. From it, I asked on Facebook — where you can join the discussion, just friend me at agentkmiller — this...

566: Do you go above and beyond?

We hear a classic message from Zig Ziglar on Priming the Pump. This message was foundational for Zig’s entire mission. If you’ve heard it once or ten times, you need to hear it again, and then step back and audit yourself to gauge how well you are adhering to the...