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568: Does your faith really benefit your life?

Today we hear a heartfelt message from Zig Ziglar on faith. But it’s not a sermon. He is hitting on the reality of how faith impacts our literal lives. From it I asked on Facebook, where you can join the discussion, just friend me at agentkmiller, this QUESTION: “How...

566: Do you go above and beyond?

We hear a classic message from Zig Ziglar on Priming The Pump. This message was foundational for Zig’s entire mission. If you’ve heard it once or ten times, you need to hear it again and then step back and audit yourself to gauge how well you are adhering to the...

564: Relationship building activities

Zig Ziglar on stage! This is a four minute clip around a personal story from Zig, on what creates strong relationships. From it I posted this question on Facebook, “What activities and experiences do you invest in for the health of the meaningful relationships in your...