508: HABITS- Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington’s habits in the core areas of life: Physical: – Kevin is 60 years old, and has a 30 year plan for his future life. He believes he will still be kicking at 90 years old, because of his genes, but also largely because he is physically very...

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506: ZIGBOMB- Your beliefs are not fact

Here’s a quote from our Facebook discussion earlier in the week: “I have found myself frequently in that type of situation, usually a belief was made before I had made any efforts to achieve the goal, and were based on pre-conceived ideas, causing me to...

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505: HABITS- Erik Weihenmayer

Consistent habits for Erik: Physical: Eating simply Training a lot, even outside of the mountains Making sure to be ready, physically and emotionally, for an ascent. Family: “I see myself as like a climbing guide, like a coach. We talk about what it means to be...

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