[00:25]Welcome to The Ziglar Show, episode 453. In today’s show, we talk with Ray Edwards who is known as Communications Strategist, Copywriter, Author, and Speaker. If you have any involvement in selling a product, service or message, you really need to listen to this. Most people come into marketing and skip over the very thing that makes marketing efforts successful. All that efforts to drive people to your offer only to fails because that offer doesn’t connect. We will walk in this show through step by step formula that we developed, that is just profound and nearly guarantees to connect with the very offer that you make.

[01:56] Hi everyone, this is Kevin Miller, your host of the Ziglar show. I have known Ray Edwards name for a very long time, seems author, speaker, business personality is connected with him and promotes his skills and utilizes his skills, a primary one is copywriting. Today most of the marketing is driving people to a website. On that website does the copy follow the necessary formula to connect and compel people. Chances are it doesn’t or doesn’t fully. Which is why Ray has worked with Fortune 500 companies, and with some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business. His clients include New York Times best-selling authors Michael Hyatt (author of Platform and co-author of Living Forward), Tony Robbins (author of Unleash the Giant Within and Money: Master the Game), Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (co-authors of Chicken Soup For the Soul), Jeff Walker (author of Launch), and many more. Ray’s copy and marketing expertise have helped sell an estimated $200 Million or more in products and services.

Ray is the founder of Ray Edwards International, Incorporated, which offers:

– Copywriting
– Consulting and Coaching
– Product Launch Management
– Training and Instruction

[03:14]You can connect with him and can do more after the show by following http://rayedwards.com/zig

[04:50] The first “self-improvement seminar” I ever went to was one my mom, who was in real estate, took me to. The first motivational book I ever owned, and which I read over and over again, was “See You at the Top”.

During the early years of my career, I must’ve listened to the “Secrets of Closing the Sale” tape set, hundreds of times. Zig has been one of the primary role models in my life.

[06:58] You could have the best weight-loss program… the greatest productivity training… or the tastiest coffee shop in town… and still go broke.

[07:04] It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, it won’t sell if no one knows about it. Hopefully we can say that most people understand this concept.

[07:14]But then you go on to say it won’t sell even if people do know about it, but don’t know why it’s right for themhow it will benefit them.

[07:28] That looks like a very elementary statement, but I assume you put it here because people violate this reality. Tell us more

I think what happen is we get enamored with our own product or service and we love talking about that, and we forget that the person listening that is not what important to them. The product and services are not important to them, what is important to them is the pain and discomfort or the problem they are experiencing in their life. And they are looking for solution to help. So we have to speak to that.

[09:04] So you make a start distinction between marketing, which you say is where most people begin, and copywriting, which you state is what so many skip right over.

[09:19] What is the core purpose of copywriting?

Marketing is building awareness and crafting the awareness of your product and copywriting is awareness in print. It can be print on paper or words on your website. Copywriting is a salesmanship in print. In these days print can be on paper or words on your website or can be video, people says you don’t need copywriting if you do video, do you and I ask that depends if do you wanna be prepared or go rough.


  • shepherding
  • reconcile
  • connecting…
  • copywriting = persuade

[16:00] formula – I forget, violate

[16:15]formula for gaining muscle mass

[16:30]A Simple Copywriting Framework That Sells To Sell More, P.A.S.T.O.R. Your Customers

To Sell More, P.A.S.T.O.R. Your Customers

Ok, explain the concept of the acronym to us…

“P” is for PROBLEM

[16:35]You must begin by identifying the problem that you are solving. The simplest, most effective way to do this is to describe the problem in great detail.

[16:45]Do you find that we in business tend instead towards trying to connect to desire? Or does it depend on the product or service you have, whether you lead with problem or desire?

[17:09] more problem focused than desire

[17:11] I think it is a great question because we are the attention machine. We are focused on what has attention right now at this moment. What you are thinking when you get up in the morning is what’s the problem that you are gonna face that day. So what’s comes next to that is how they are feeling about the problem. The problem is how they felt about the problem not how they pursued about the problem. So here is the famous phrase: ‘you sell them what they want but you deliver what they need.’

[19:09] we know pain is a bigger motivator than desire.

[19:45] “A” is for AMPLIFY

The next step is to amplify the consequences of not solving the problem. This is really the key to making sales, and it is probably the most neglected step in the process. We’re helping people see the cost of not solving their problem.

[20:05] This reminds me of a discussion on risk, where we tend to look at the risks of doing something new…and don’t conceptualize the risks of remaining where they are. Same concept?

[21:47] People sometimes when I explain this concept to them, they say that I thought that you didn’t believe in selling by fear. I don’t wanna sell the tool in the manipulation with fear.

[23:45] not amplifying fear, but increasing/clarifying motivation

[24:00] “S” is for STORY and SOLUTION

[24:03] Once you have described the problem and amplified the consequences of not solving it, it’s time to share the story of how the problem can be solved.

[24:14] It does need to be more than simply a description of what the solution is.

[24:20] My first thought here was…testimonials. But that’s actually coming next, so how is Story different?

The most powerful teaching tool ever created is the story.


[33:04] The next key step in writing your copy is to remember that whatever you’re selling, whether it’s a home study program, a book, a seminar, your consulting services — anything at all — what people are buying is not the “stuff,” it’s the transformation.

[33:24] Are you basically saying we gotta focus on the results, not the product nor the service, only results?

I include the next part of your article because in the Ziglar audience, we have a lot of people who want to influence others. So many come through courses like ZLC, Ziglar Legacy Certification so they can lead others.

[37:02] You say there are three questions people are asking when you sell them coaching, consulting, or instruction about anything. The questions are:

  1. Has this person been able to do what they are describing for themselves?
  2. Has this person been able to teach other people to achieve the results they are describing?
  3. Will this person be able to teach me how to achieve these results?

[37:30] OK, I’ve got to share. Back when I first started working with people who wanted to pursue self-employment, many wanted to be coaches. We literally had, more than once, instances such as this, “I’m working on becoming a career coach because I know what it’s like to have a job you hate. I hate my current job.” Uh…you’re going to have to overcome this first.

But to this, nothing more powerful than testimonials, eh?

 “O” is for OFFER

[44:03] So far, you have defined the problem, clarified the cost of not solving it, told the story of the solution, and helped your reader visualize the transformation through testimonials from others just like themselves.

[44:16] Now is the time to describe exactly what you are offering for sale.

[44:20] This is the section of your copy where you lay out your offer. You can even create a subheading for the section called something clever like, “Here’s Exactly What You Get.”

[44:30] Make certain that you focus 80% of your copy on the transformation itself. You do have to talk about the deliverables (the class schedule, the DVDs, etc.), but that should only occupy about 20% of your copy in this section.

[45:37] Just remember that as you describe the deliverables in the offer section, you must keep tying them back to the transformation and benefits your buyers will receive.

[46:30] Again, you are drawing us away from the normal inclination of describing WHAT it is, to results. Feels like your chant and mantra. Do you see even the big brands still miss this sometimes? Any in the super bowl?

[47:15] I bet you can describe me your favorite super bowl ads and when I will ask what company is it for, you will answer that I don’t know. That is when they didn’t succeed in tying benefit with entertainment value.

[49:35] “R” is for RESPONSE

[49:39]This is one of the areas where copy tends to often be the weakest: the response request. We are asking the customer to buy.

[49:50]At this point, you should not be shy about making this request. You should tell the customer exactly what to do in order to get your program, your consulting, your book, etc. You should remind them why it’s important to do so.

[50:04]Some people shy away from strong language like this, but the fact is, if you truly believe that you have a solution that will solve a problem for people, why on earth would you not be as direct as possible in telling them how to get that solution? In fact, aren’t you doing them a disservice by not making the strongest case possible

[50:23]One of my fave Zig quotes, “If you believe your product or service can fulfill a true need, it’s your moral obligation to sell it.”

[51:11] There are two Common errors that people make:

  • weak close, selling from your heels
  • making difficult to find calls-to-action

[53:45] We got a custom link for Ray, go to http://rayedwards.com/zig

On this custom page you will find:

  1. 3 part video course on how to craft messages that sell
  2. An eBook named 2 billion dollar sales page you’ve never heard of



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