651: Oscar Trimboli, how to succeed by listening, deeply

Do you hear me? Do you hear anyone? In this show I give focus to a skill that can increase your social stature, influence and overall opportunity…exponentially. A skill that, according to our guest, only 2% of the world is ever, ever taught. A skill few of us...

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650: Do you look forward to retiring, or not?

The answer is more important than you’d think. I’m bringing you a two minute clip from Zig Ziglar today on, retirement. I’ll preface by admitting what he says is somewhat controversial. But the point massively valid regarding retirement, if that is your goal and...

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649: Habits – Rick Hanson on being enough

Do you feel you are enough? This is our Habits show, where we walk through the seven spokes of the Ziglar Wheel of Life, and this time we get to do it with Rick Hanson, our guest in show 647, where we talked about Resilience and Hardwiring Happiness. In walking...

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