636: Sometimes you need to quit to win

When should you quit? When is continuing actually harming you? In this show we hear from Zig Ziglar about a guy pursuing what he deemed as…success. But once unpacked…realized the direction he was going was not at all going to produce was he wanted. I think...

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635: Abel James – How to get your energy back

I have a New Year’s gift for you. I’m going to give you your energy back! How does that sound? I really want you to listen here…do you have the energy and vibrancy you once had? If not, are you ok with this reality?  Have you bought into the norm of…that...

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634: Overcoming your limiting beliefs

What are your limiting beliefs? In show 631 I talked with Mastin Kipp, author of “Claim Your Power” where his primary focus is finding your purpose…and the vehicle is understanding and overcoming…past trauma. Don’t just think tragedy, but any event in your...

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